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About Us

Englander Woodworking is the takeover company name of Englander Millwork Corporation, which is an old, well-established woodworking company that specializes in the manufacturing of various types of wood windows such as double hung, both "stock" and custom, casements, curved-in-plane, screens, storms, fixed, and moldings, etc. In fact, there has never been a window or door that Englander has not been able to replicate by using great accuracy and precision to duplicate every intricate detail. Davey, the owner, has over 25 years of hands on experience in the trade, and has an impeccable record of success.

Our specialty is shaped sash and frames, and front entrance door units, all made of solid wood, as they have been made for hundreds of years. We also do interlock old-fashioned weather-stripping and have an assortment of glass options, as we are a full-scale glazing shop as well.

Mortise and tenon construction, which is the best for windows and doors, but also the most time consuming to produce, is the time-proven method of construction for all products made on our premises, whether it be wood storm windows, wood screens, etc. We are highly competitive in pricing and go a long way in pleasing our customers. We can work in any species of lumber, and can give expert advice on the phone. We ship anywhere, and are extremely friendly and helpful.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone at the following: 1-718-364-4240 (phone), or 1-718-364-4780 (fax)

Davey Rodriguez