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All mortise and tenoned construction.

Double Hung Windows

Considered the most traditional window, double hungs offer versatility, a wide range of sizes, and state-of-the-art efficiency. Both the upper and lower sashes slide up and down. The lower sash tilts in for easy cleaning.

Slider Windows

Also called sliding windows or sliders, the glider is considered easy to open, so it’s ideal for hard-to-reach places such as over kitchen counters. As they gain new popularity, gliders now offer easy-wash and energy efficient features and benefits.

Casement/Awning Windows

Hinged on the side (casement) or the top (awning), the single sash is cranked or pushed open. Casements are easy to operate, and offer excellent energy efficiency.

Bay and Bow Windows

Made up of either 3 (Bay) windows or 4 or more (Bow) windows that extend from an exterior wall. The individual windows can open and close or can remain fixed.